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2500 & 10k Mile Full Bike Service

     Black Hills Custom Parts knows how important bike maintenance is. Servicing your Harley-Davidson at Black Hills every 2500 miles will keep your bike running it's best! The service mechanic's here will do a 20 point service on your Harley-Davidson every 2500 miles, which includes:

  • Drain engine oil & filter and replace with RevTech 20w50 Engine Oil & RevTech Oil Filter
  • Clean or replace tappet screen (Big Twin only)
  • Drain transmission lube and replace with RevTech Transmission Lube (Big Twin only)
  • Drain primary lube and replace with RevTech Primary Lube (Big Twin only)
  • Drain gear and chaincase lube and replace with RevTech Gear & Chaincase Lube (Sportster Only)
  • Adjust primary chain
  • Adjust clutch
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Check tire condition and air pressure
  • Check rear master cylinder fluid level
  • Check front master cylinder fluid level
  • Check condition of front and rear brakes
  • Check charging system & battery
  • Check all lights and horn
  • Adjust & lube (throttle, idle, & clutch) cables
  • Adjust and check condition of drive chain or belt
  • Check suspension
  • Test ride
  • Check for oil leaks

    Additional maintenance every 10k miles

  • Drain fork oil and replace with PJ1 Fork Oil

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    Powdercoating Service

         Looking to add some color and style to your Harley-Davidson? Have professional and great looking powdercoating done to your Harley-Davidon parts. With a variety of colors, you will be sure to find something that adds that special style to your ride! These powders are polyester or epoxy resins that are extremely resistant to chemical attack, chips, and dings. Also, the coatings are much more durable than regular paint and they will maintain their good looks and easy cleaning for many years.
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    Chroming Service

         Black Hills offers show chrome plating at competitive rates. We can also add acid copper plating to the process at additional cost to help fill in imperfections in cast aluminum parts. To some degree, your results will depend on the quality of what you give us to plate. You will get the best possible results, but we can't bring back the dead.

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    Black Hills Power Packages

    More information is available on the Power Packages page!

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