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All Recommended Scheduled Factory Services

Black Hills Custom Parts knows how important bike maintenance is. Servicing your Harley-Davidson at Black Hills every 2500 miles will keep your bike running it's best! The service mechanic's here will perform a thorough service on your Harley-Davidson every 2500 miles, which includes:

  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Top off oil tank
  • Clean or replace tappet screen (Big Twin Evo)
  • Change transmission lube (Big Twin)
  • Change primary lube (Big Twin)
  • Change gear & chaincase oil (Sportster)
  • Adjust primary chain (4 & 5 speed models)
  • Adjust clutch (behind derby cover) (N/A hydraulic clutch)
  • Adjust clutch cable (N/A hydraulic clutch)
  • Lube clutch cable (N/A hydraulic clutch)
  • Lube throttle cables (N/A electronic throttle)
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Check tire condition & air pressure
  • Check condition of front & rear brakes
  • Check rear master cylinder fluid level
  • Check charging system & battery
  • Check lights & horn
  • Adjust & check condition of drive belt or chain
  • Check front master cylinder fluid level
  • Lube kickstand
  • Tighten battery terminals
  • Tighten exhaust nuts at heads
  • Tighten motor mount bolts at heads
  • Flush & replace brake fluid (every 2 years)
  • Replace fuel filter in tank (fuel injected) (every 25K miles)
  • Replace fork oil (every 50K miles)
  • Check suspension & road test

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    Powdercoating Service

         Looking to add some color and style to your Harley-Davidson? Have professional and great looking powdercoating done to your Harley-Davidon parts. With a variety of colors, you will be sure to find something that adds that special style to your ride! These powders are polyester or epoxy resins that are extremely resistant to chemical attack, chips, and dings. Also, the coatings are much more durable than regular paint and they will maintain their good looks and easy cleaning for many years.

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    Black Hills Power Packages

    More information is available on the Power Packages page!

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    ... And More!

  • Full repair shop
  • We partner with all insurance companies for crash repairs
  • Need extended warranty service? Yep, we are authorized to get that covered too!

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